A tentative first entry.

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Blog world

Hello!  This is my first venture into the blogosphere so bear with me if I make a whole lot of stupid mistakes. I will get a friend to give me some training and get to grips with it in time! For now, I suppose a good idea would be to keep it simple and tell you all something about me and why I’ve started this blog.  

So why “Academic Anonymous”? (And why did wordpress conflate the words into one? ) Well,  first, I am indeed an academic from Ireland, working in the UK higher education sector, who wishes to remain anonymous and engage in lively discussion on the world of  academia, politics and culture.

But there’s another reason for the name. It’s because being an academic in the UK these days is a bit like being an alcoholic. You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it and you know it’s probably the ruination of you. Yet it’s not just a job as so many well meaning non-academics (otherwise known as family and friends) tell me with weary sighs and pitiful gazes. No, it’s an incurable condition. It’s part self-delusion (I can make a difference and contribute to human knowledge!) and part grand obsession ( I keep all these thousands of newspaper clippings in case I might need them one day!)

The only thing that keeps me reasonably sane is the certainty that there is a great big dysfunctional community of like minded souls out there who don’t want to admit it in public either but yearn for the opportunity to stand up tall and declare: “Hello. My name is John/Jane and I’m an academic!” and know that the room won’t go deadly silent or rapidly empty, that she will be greeted with warm smiles, a sympathetic ear and a large glass of vino.  

Wait…did I say it was an “incurable condition”? That’s not true. There is a cure and its called redundancy but apparently I’m too young for that yet.  Onwards but not necessarily upwards then. Hope to hear from someone soon. 


  1. Rabelais says:

    My names Rabelais and I’m an AA too. And I’m not ashamed.

    Welcome to the blogosphere A.A.

  2. Your Boss says:

    You are never too young to be made redundant. You are thinking of retirement, which until the recession, was a totally different thing. See me in my office.

    • Thank you for that, Your Boss, but alas in my institute redundancy – compulsory or even voluntary – is an expensive proposition with regards to any member of staff under 60. I have a colleague who can’t even pay them to let him go! I think one needs to commit a crime or some heinous academic crime like possession of books with intent to supply.

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