What Hamas can do to end Gaza crisis (and other curiosities)

Posted: June 10, 2010 in International politics, Satire

Back home for a while to keep on top of the housekeeping. Actually no! I’ve been putting a wee bet on the Greek economy  to totally collapse so sticking around on a Greek island is probably not the best strategy. Anyway, first night home and I switch on the box to find some Irish journalist announce, and I paraphrase, that “the Israelis stick to their line that the Gaza blockade is designed to stop terrorism so tonight we ask Hamas what they’re prepared to do to end the humanitarian crisis”. This is like asking  death row prisoners what they’re prepared to do to stop capital punishment. But there’s no getting in the way of fearless journalism, I suppose. 

Meanwhile, back in Tel Aviv…I mean, Washington DC, Obama says BP’s boss should be sacked and that it’s time he “kicked ass” to get that oil leak plugged. I’m waiting with bated breath to hear him take a similar line on Israel:  “I think Netanahyu  and his government have lost all credibility and should step down before I send in the troops to kick ass!!”.  

FInally, I was highly amused  to hear Irish PM (Taoiseach) Brian Cowen warn Israel that any violence against Irish citizens on the anti-blockade ship, the Rachel Corrie, would have “very serious consequences”.  I found myself hoping that the Israelis would storm the ship so I could witness the might of the Irish army invade Israel by land, air and sea but dammit!  Terrified by the fire power of the Irish airforce, they backed down at the last minute and boarded the ship with sweets and bottles of guinness. Cowards!

That’s all for now. Have to work through a bunch of angry phone messages from the Head of School. I forgot to tell her I’m on research leave.

  1. Rabelais says:

    It’s about time you got back to the keyboard and wrote something, you lazy scroat. Roaming about your God-forsaken university in your sackcloth and ashes won’t put the world to rights. On the other hand the above blog-post puts the world to rights, good and proper. It’s a timely plea for the sort of joined up and consistent thinking I’m sure we were once promised by a previous government. And it really is time that the Irish started throwing their weight around on the international stage. More power to their elbow…

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