What Hamas can do to end Gaza crisis (Part Two)

Posted: June 11, 2010 in International politics, Satire

A senior Hamas representative said today that the  Gaza Blockade would remain in place until the Israeli army stopped throwing stones over the big fence. The remark has already sparked fierce condemnation from around the world and the UN Security Council will meet tomorrow to formulate a suitable response.  A UN spokeswoman in New York warned that “The international community has tolerated Hamas long enough and must take decisive action to bring about the end of this destructive blockade before thousands die of boredom”.

The sense of crisis in the west deepened yesterday when President Obama was rushed to hospital with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, brought about in the last few months by drumming his fingers on his desk waiting for Hamas to lift the blockade.  The President’s doctor appealed to the Gaza government to have mercy and do the right thing for the good of humanity and the Presidential finger tips. 

The Israeli government reiterated its official line of the past three years of the blockade, that it would stop throwing stones over the fence as soon as the people of Gaza voted themselves out of existence. “You see”, said the PM, “that’s the beauty of democracy”.


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