Milne to jump off 9-floor tower shock!!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Northern Ireland

My good colleague and friend, Milne Rowntree, is to jump off a 9-floor tower for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity. He’s a great guy and I’ll be sorry to lose him but as he said to me over a pint the other day, it’s a good cause and sometimes you have to do these things!  And it IS a good cause – one that could really help someone dear to me.  Have a look at his appeal here and think about donating if you know Milne and/or live in Northern Ireland/the North of Ireland/Occupied northeastern six counties of Ireland! Or just lend him some support via the comment thread to this post. 

I’ll miss the guy, though. And I was on the verge of asking him for surfing lessons! Close call. 

Good luck comrade!

  1. Milne Rowntree says:

    Thanks for the support and your kind offer to give me a gentle nudge as I freeze at the edge. I am giving serious consideration, on advice from my pre-flight specialists, that attachment to a rope of some sort may be a preferred option. Still not totally decided. Your inspired discussion on the power of the mind to overcome obstacles such as gravity are still to the forefront of my decision making. As they say: “It’s not the fall that gets you, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom!” Thanks again. Milne

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