The United Left Alliance. A new politics for Ireland?

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Current affairs

I will watch with interest the progress of the new, United Left Alliance in the impending Irish general election. This will be one of the most critical elections in Irish history. Or maybe not. This is where the Irish people will decide whether to take their country back. Or save the EU and IMF the bother and sell it off on EBay. I’m not confident they will pick up many seats – maybe Joe Higgins and Richard Boyd Barrett? – but that’s not the point. The point is that they are standing and offering an alternative to the centre-right consensus on the current crisis.

Have a look here at the ULA’s  mainfesto and if you are an Irish citizen and you have a vote, then consider this: if you think that the current government has failed miserably to handle the crisis; if you think elected politicians in Ireland have proven themselves woefully out of their depth; and if you think the wider political debate is restricted to a narrow, ideological consensus in search of a capitalist solution to a capitalist crisis, then isn’t it time to lend your vote to a humane alternative that puts people before profit and loss?


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