Hacks, bent cops and pie throwers: the scales of justice.

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Media & Journalism

2 August 2011: an interesting day for justice. The police arrest Stuart Kuttner on suspicion of involvement in phone-hacking and, as a managing editor and chief purse-holder at The News of the World at the time , authorizing payments to police officers for information. That makes him the eleventh ex-News International employee to be investigated by the police to date but as with the rest it’s unlikely he’ll be charged and brought to account before the courts.

On the same day, Johnny “Marbles” May-Bowles is sentenced to six weeks in jail for shoving humble pie in Rupert Murdoch’s face at the Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport. That was 19 July. So in less than 2 weeks, a prankster is arrested, charged, sentenced and jailed with stern words from the judge ringing in his ear. Do you get the contrast? District Judge, Daphne Wickham obviously didn’t. Upon  sentencing Johnny, she told him that not only did he assault and cause distress to poor old Rupert but he also offended the dignified and civilized ways of the parliamentary process.

Down with the pie-throwers! Off with their heads!

Quite right, too, Daphne! We the citizens (and even non-citizens such as Rupert and son!) should be left in peace to lie, dissimulate and plead ignorance of our cheating, bribery and myriad other sharp practices in the dignified and civilized surroundings of parliament and in a manner that befits our status as total and absolute shysters! And if we’re ever brought to book for our crimes, give us a year or two to make a mockery of the justice system you hold so dear.


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