Sue Morris: World of Wonder. Model Art Gallery, Sligo, 3-14 August 2011.

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Arts and culture

Absent Father (Mixed Media - 400 x 600 mm. Sue Morris, 2011).

The World of Wonder exhibition by Sue Morris opens today in the Model Art Gallery, Sligo, and runs until 14 August. Inspired by an eponymous encyclopedia kept by the artist from childhood, World of Wonder is a multi-media installation that incorporates drawing, collage and sculpture to explore the territories of the real and the imagined. By referencing text and images from the encyclopedia, manipulating scale, colour and content, whilst deploying a pseudo-scientific style, the work re-enters the vistas of childhood from an adult standpoint. I am not an art critic but I found this exhibition to be very moving and thought-provoking so if you’re in the area or passing through, why not go and have a look? In the meantime, you can browse the artist’s website here.


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