“And now to the Republic of Ireland…”: The BBC preview of the Euros 2012

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Media & Journalism, The Footie

Did you happen to see the BBC’s preview of the Euros 2012 last night (6 June)?  Presented by the Football Focus/Match of the Day XI, including the usual suspects, Gary Lineker, Mark Lawrenson and Alan Shearer (or Sheared as his mates call him),  it started off with a look at England’s chances.  This included an interview with Wayne Rooney, apparently the only player worth talking about even though he’s banned for the first two matches after a brutal tackle in the last qualifier against Montengero. Then came the low point as it turned to the Republic of Ireland’s chances. Now the whole team must have gone for a tea break at that point because instead of any serious discussion or analysis, they gave us Dara O’Briain doing a quirky little piece of self-deprecation to camera in what appeared to be a pub…

Ah now Dara!

(…Ah now, Dara! Was that your idea? Like, a pub? Did it take you long to think that one up? Or did you just do what you were told even though you were cringing inside? Money is money, right? And how did you feel when you realized that your piece wasn’t a funny little filler but the programme’s actual analysis of Ireland’s  chances? Did they tell you? Did they, did they?  If they didn’t, you must be feeling a right eejit now eh? If they did tell you and you did it anyway because you wanted them to like you, then you are more than just an eejit…)

Yes, Dara’s funny little piece was the height of it really…apart from a blunt dismissal of Ireland’s chances  in a group made up of Croatia, Italy and Spain. They never learn, do they? They did the same to Ireland in the Euros 1996, especially in the build up to the game against England. Ireland won.  Sure it was nearly a national crisis in England! And no Dara then to make them feel better! No!

Ah well, I won’t be watching the coverage on BBC and ITV anyway. I’ll be following Bill and the boys on RTE 2.  Peerless, objective, grown-up analysis but also Après Match to lighten the mood. In fact, here are the Après Match boys doing Match of the Day a while back. Their take on Mark Lawrenson is brilliant!

  1. Rab says:

    BBC and ITV football coverage is abysmal and when I get a chance to watch RTE’s I find it preferable. But to be fair, isn’t the Dara O’Briain piece sort of symptomatic of Britain’s confusion about what its relationship is to the Republic of Ireland? Oh, the republic is sort of a ‘home nation’ but then again its not. And, errr, there are lots of Irish living in the Britain (and of course in the wee six) whose allegiances we think we perhaps, might, definitely, maybe should reflect in our coverage but at the same time we need to be sensitive to the constitutional position… oh, bugger it, phone Dara and tell him we’ll meet him in the pub with a camera crew in half an hour.

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