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Okay, it’s late at night and I should be really in bed but I’m just recovering from the trauma of watching the opening ceremony for the London Olympics. Am I alone in thinking it was, in the immortal word of one Mr Dizzee Rascal, who himself made an appearance, bonkers? What was it all about? The tree uprooted by a chimney stack from the industrial revolution? The very scary woman with the glasses, on drums?  And the James Bond-Queen Elizabeth routine?? That parachute jump they did was either really funny or a very bad idea. (The Queen could have died! The whole event could have fallen flat on its face along with Her Majesty!) And then that NHS work-out! Feckin’ hell! That was either an inspired piece of political subversion not seen since the days of the Trojan Horse or a truly creepy piece of child exploitation. Again, I’m undecided. Danny Boyle, I think you got a bit carried away, lad. Don’t give up the day job – if you’ve still got one.

But hey! It’s over now. Three or four weeks of “fun” to go. I can’t wait for winter!