Olympics opening ceremony: bonkers!!

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Current affairs

Okay, it’s late at night and I should be really in bed but I’m just recovering from the trauma of watching the opening ceremony for the London Olympics. Am I alone in thinking it was, in the immortal word of one Mr Dizzee Rascal, who himself made an appearance, bonkers? What was it all about? The tree uprooted by a chimney stack from the industrial revolution? The very scary woman with the glasses, on drums?  And the James Bond-Queen Elizabeth routine?? That parachute jump they did was either really funny or a very bad idea. (The Queen could have died! The whole event could have fallen flat on its face along with Her Majesty!) And then that NHS work-out! Feckin’ hell! That was either an inspired piece of political subversion not seen since the days of the Trojan Horse or a truly creepy piece of child exploitation. Again, I’m undecided. Danny Boyle, I think you got a bit carried away, lad. Don’t give up the day job – if you’ve still got one.

But hey! It’s over now. Three or four weeks of “fun” to go. I can’t wait for winter!


  1. I only saw parts of it and thought that it was just a bit too much for my liking.

    Very good blog!

  2. Dr. Disco says:

    It was just… British. If you want armies, dancing girls and marching ants, watch reruns of the Beijing one on Youtube. The British are known for being, among other things, funny and a bit fucking bizarre. And it was. Bravo!

  3. Rab says:

    I loved it. Funny, weird, and at times sublimely subversive. A story all about Britain into which the monarchy had to be, both literally and metaphorically, parachuted.

  4. Hmm. like Don’t Mention the War, I’m still not sure about it. But interesting comments from Dr D and Rab.

  5. Dr. Disco says:

    It occurred to me: it could have been so much worse. Here’s a conversation I had before the ceremony:

    Dr D’s friend: Did you know they’re getting Danny Boyle to create the opening ceremony?
    Dr. D (looking stunned): No way! Reeeeeeeeally?
    Dr. D’s friend (looking confused at Dr D’s reaction): Way. Seems reasonable.
    Dr. D: But…. Danny Boyle? What does he know about anything?
    Dr D’s friend: Well, he does entertainment.
    Dr. D: Yeah but… he’s… he’s… radio! Or was.
    Dr D’s friend: Eh?
    Dr D: You mean that short fat bloke?
    Dr. D’s friend: Um… I’m not sure…
    Dr. D: From Capital FM?
    Dr. D’s friend: You’re thinking of Danny Baker.
    Dr. D. Oh.

  6. Dr. Disco says:

    The sad end to the tale is that I missed the closing ceremony. I fell asleep in disgust after Ray Davies.

    So sorry to hear of your plumbing woes.

  7. I would have laughed had the Sex Pistols played God save the Queen instead of Pretty Vacant.

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