McNarry joins UKIP. The greatest crisis in Ulster Unionism since Tom Elliott.

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Current affairs, Northern Ireland

I can’t believe the news I heard today…David McNarry MLA in the NI Assembly has joined UKIP, the UK Independence Party. While this must be the greatest crisis in Ulster Unionism since Tom Elliott was leader, it’s great news for UKIP because, get this, it makes it “a truly national party” according to its leader,  Nigel Farage.  Truly national, that is, in the sense that the BNP are truly national.  But it’s still good news for democracy in the NI Assembly – I mean, somebody has to be loyal opposition to Jim Allister.

So how has the UUP reacted to this development?  Well I just had a look at the “latest news” section on its website here. There’s  lots of worrying on there – about computerized testing in schools, the proposed resurfacing of Rugby Road in Belfast and angry Ulster farmers but not  a peep about David’s departure. They’ve also airbrushed him out of the photo of their MLAs but you really have to look hard to notice the gap.  I think the UUP need to come to terms with this situation and express it openly; denying bereavement can cause all sorts of psychological problems that could spill over at a later date. In fact, party MLA Michael McGimpsey is worrying that wild salmon stocks in the North are “near extinct”. See that?  A bit of projecting going on there I think.

Yes, the UUP needs some group therapy. It can’t go forward fearing extinction every time a member of the party leaves.


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