The Beeb Goes Bonkers -postscript

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Stephen Nolan, a man who has confessed he knows nothing about music, is now on BBC Radio 5, clearing the scheduled programme to wax lyrical about The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and ask inane questions to music critics like,’What was so special about Prince?’ or to journalists in the US (who have spent all day outside the deceased artist’s house) such as, ‘What do we know so far about Prince’s death?’  I would imagine the answer might be something like, ‘Well so far, Stephen, we know that he died!’  But no! Instead we get endless inanity that is beyond satire. Like, ‘Don’t worry Stephen!  We’re working hard to get you an update via our x-ray drone that can see through walls and do a remote autopsy!’ OK – so that last part was made up. But you get my drift.

I can’t bear this nonsense anymore. I’m switching off the radio.


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