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So this was to be the last straw election when Irish citizens would sweep out the old order and bring in the new – a new type of truly responsive, democratic politics and even a new constitution. But RTE’s exit poll suggests that the majority of voters are sticking to the devil they know, rejecting the very idea of radical change for the better. It is a dispiriting, if perfectly understandable, trend. It seems that fear, not hope, has been the decisive factor.

That said, it’s one thing making a democratic choice based on personal priorities (as opposed to national interest) but it’s another thing making it and then complaining when nothing changes. So if you’re an Irish citizen who’s voted for the same old same old (Fine Gael and Labour are not alternatives!) then please go back and sit in a dark room and spare us the sermon about that useless shower in Leinster House. Stay well away from reporters and don’t even think about calling Joe Duffy or Pat Kenny to inflict your bankrupt, sofa politics on the nation. We don’t want to hear it any more.

Remember who you voted for. You had your chance and you blew it.